Al dente is an
integrated advertising agency,
focused on innovative
activations and content
with 14 years of
expertise in storytelling
and art direction.

an era

of globalisation when most companies
are pressing to conquer Asia and the Middle East,
this idea goes against the tide and reflects
my credo which is to position myself long term
within a French and Italian heritage. First of all their
cultural wealth never ceases to inspire me,
next because they are the embodiment of luxury
on the international scene and finally because
the Italian art de vivre relies at the
very heart of al dente’s own philosophy.

Al Dente

is a certain seasonality, a given moment,
ephemeral and elusive, that comes from being
just-right, and an intuition that no science
could ever measure. It’s the art and manner
of being inspired, of trusting one’s instinct
and of being timely.

Because while it respects the heritage, the agency
is above all cosmopolitan and regularly conjugates
communications with cutting-edge technologies,
redefining the rules of the digital revolution daily.

And who treads piano, va sano e va lontano...