• Boucheron Campaign - Collection Quatre

Boucheron New Signature

Photographer & Director - Oliver Hadlee Pearch
Stylist - Camille Bidault-Waddington
Model - Andreea Diaconu
Casting director - Corinne Liscia
Set design - Sophear
Make up - Karim Rahman
Hair - Jawara
Creative direction & Production - Al Dente Paris

Al dente creates Boucheron new visual indentity, global and Chinese campaigns around the concept of “Freedom of Style".

This first personified campaign, with Andreea Diaconu, celebrates multi-faceted woman who are natural and independant.

The concept was adapted for China with dedicated content with Zhou Dongyu. The 10 advertising stills and 5 main films are shoot by Oliver Hadlee Pearch in the recently refurbished Boucheron' apartment at 26 Place Vendôme.

Those new codes and strong signature are communicated through a sophisticated social eco-system of 120 assets.

Easily identifiable, this new branding offers a coherent link between their traditional campaign, social media, POS and events.
Film Campaign
Film Campaign
Film Campaign
Print Campaign