• Chopard Joaillerie, Happy Diamonds

Chopard Joaillerie, Happy Diamonds

DA & Production – al dente
Model – Arizona Muse
Styling – Belen Casadevall
Movement Director –
Pat Boguslawski
Hair – Louis Ghewy
Make up – Mathias Van Hoof
Stills photographer –
Molly SJ Lowe

The beautiful escape of « happy diamonds », in a black and white dreamlike film, full of femininity and poetry. The moving story of a contemporary dance between three women, in full nature.

Joy is in the air, and little by little, the « Happy Diamonds » move freely, spinning around the women, following their gestures.
Their graceful expressions, accomplices and simultaneous, progressively accelerate, following the rhythm of the flying diamonds.

As in a ballet, their smiles cross each others and the scenes go crescendo, creating a butterfly effect, until the grand finale claim, to cap it all: « Little diamonds do great things ».

A strategic baseline also imagined by al dente, as the cornerstone around which all the campaign is built. A way of giving more importance to the everyday small actions, full of goodwill.