• Vanity Fair lingerie

Vanity Fair lingerie

DA & Production
– al dente

Al dente creates Vanity Fair's new e-commerce website, as a newspaper full of feminine stories.

Following strong editorial content, shaped as an evolutive moodboard linked to the brand's social media, it unveils the collections' different styles.

A new approach for lingerie shopping. Fluid and romanticised, these ephemeral rendezvous reveal the different personnalities of the Vanity Fair woman.

Usage ways are increased, in order to create multiple buying opportunities.

The anatomy of this new opus:
- Interactive and adaptable homepage, changed from one season to another,
- Intuitive browsing thanks to inspiring sections,
- Editorialized visuals,
- Artistic Direction in harmony with Vanity Fair social media channels.

A distinctive digital experience, placing Vanity Fair woman at the center.